What to expect...

What to expect...

The one thing I have noticed is how much I don't write things down.

I rely on a strange memory technique which I can't explain; a technique which seems to only help in remembering the oddest things.

If it's something which someone else knows and for which I can rely on them to remember (like my long-suffering and wonderful wife), that seems to be the stuff my brain puts in the re-writable section. There is finite space in that bit.

This lifelog is intended to capture anything which I want to remember, yet cannot determine if it's odd enough to be remembered.

I convert many recipes into gluten-free versions for my wife, which I can't find anywhere else. Sometimes the bookmarks for these recipes point to missing pages and I pray that the Wayback Machine has a snapshot in there.

Rarely, I take a photo I'm proud of.

A deep sunset over the Sheikh Zyed Grand Mosque

I hope to even remember to put the stuff I wish to remember on to this site for posterity - here's hoping.

See you soon.